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Popular Q&A

Qualifications in UK to study dentistry, please help?
The exact grades and 'points' required will vary from university to university, but you will certainly need a good set. Dentistry, like medicine and veterinary medicine, is oversubscribed. You should aim to get A grades in 3 (relevant) A-levels. The majority of your GCSE grades should be A*/A...

Can you find a dentist who accepts state rates under Massachusetts chapter 115?
I dont think anyone understands your question. If you do not have dental insurance and you need your teeth cleaned visit one of the many dental clinics (college, student clean your teeth) in mass. Cape cod community college, Mount Ida probably has one, Mass college of pharmacy (forsyth institute...

Why would my 1 year old dog's canine tooth have broken off?
This is much more common than you might thing especially among enthusiastic chewers or very active or clumbsy dogs. My dog has a small chip on his canine from chewing on a long, hard bone (before I realize these bones are far too hard for his teeth!). So he could have been chewing on something...

Books for a 1st grader?
This is PART of ONE list from my website and the link below will give you several different lists. Adventures with Arnold Lobel (Small Pig, Mouse Tales, and Uncle Elephant) by Arnold Lobel Adventures with Arnold Lobel (Mouse Soup, Grasshopper on the Road, and Owl at Home) by Arnold Lobel Billy...

Bad dentistry, no infection control, Who do I call?
Go to and file a complaint immediately. Then write down everything you have witnessed that is not safe, being a detailed as possible. For even faster results, contact one of the investigative teams from a major television station in your area. If...