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Popular Q&A

What kind of mouth wash do dentists us?
Well, I get free samples of Listerine from the rep, so my staff and I use it as a breath freshener. I don't give it to patients as a means of plaque control because it is pretty useless for this purpose. If you really want an antibacterial mouthwash, then a chlorhexidine mouthwash is the best...

How do i make my teeth brighter with having to buy white strips or going to the dentist?what paste works?
I really would not rub lemon, or any other acidic fruit, on your teeth. That can cause serious erosion to the enamel of the teeth, which is weakening the enamel. This can cause many problems such as: large or small cavities, chipping, sensitivity, discoloration, etc. White strips may work for...

Should I allow my regular DMD regular dentist to pull a upper wisdom tooth?
A general dentist can extract a tooth. I have shadowed 3 or 4 dentists and watched each one extract teeth. It's not hard to do. It doesn't require a lot of skill like a root canal does. It's pretty quick and not time consuming.

The Dentist: Various Questions and Fears.?
Good question. Young kids sometimes react to the noise, vibrations, and general discomfort when they're at the dentist. I always test kid's reactions when this happens by faking the drill (just run it on the outside of the tooth), or by using a bit of ice without their knowledge. So for those...

Birth control? cumming inside? hpv? bleeding??
I have done a TON of research on HPV. I have seen several HPV specialists too and I feel that I should pass on what I've learned so far to keep everyone better informed. I will talk more specifically about the high risk strain which is what I have... HPV can be passed through oral, anal,...