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Popular Q&A

Salmonella out break in canada?
No it is not: List: (Updated constantly so check to site too) See Voluntary Recall Issued for ShopRite Peanut Butter on Toasty Crackers and ShopRite Peanut Butter and Cheese Cracker Snacks Because of Possible...

Someone please help me, my teeth are falling out and I don't know what to do :(?
If you have the money then you should try and save your teeth. If it is determined that your teeth need to be pulled then you can look into dental implants, or if they have to remove some of them you can get a partial implant done. Try to save your teeth, once you take them all out your options...

Doctors HELP!! Severe pain in ear canal, jaw, temple, and throat. What could it be?
You could have TMJ. Basically this happens when your jaw is out of line. The dentist gives you (for about $450) a night guard to wear. I went to 3 doctors who didn't diagnose it but the dentist did. If the doctor doesn't know what it is, go to a dentist. This site tells you all about it...

Dentist teeth cleaning question? nervous?
It takes 30 minutes. No, it doesn't hurt. They use the electric brush and polish your teeth. The only thing that is uncomfortable is when they use the metal hook thing to scrape the plaque off your teeth at the gums. I like having my teeth cleaned. I like the way they feel when its done.

I live in Spring Hill, Florida and am looking for dentist that accepts adult Staywell Medicaid.?
You should be able to contact the local Medicaid office to get a list of participating dentist. Good luck