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Popular Q&A

Could you get ongoing headaches from low iron?
Headaches are from: Clusters - These headaches,which afflict about one million people - 90 percent of whom are men - hit the unfortunate sufferer with heavy-duty pain,typically around or behind eye. The cause is unknown,but " it's probably either hormonal or genetic" says Seymour Solomon M...

Can anyone put these universities in order please?!!!!!?
John Hopkins, NYU, Boston U, CU Boulder, CSU Ft. Collins, CSU Fullerton (from hardest to easiest to get into) I would advise you to apply to CU Boulder. They have a pretty developed medical grad school and it's muuuch eachier to get into compared to John Hopkins or NYU. CU Boulder also has...

Is there a catalog where dentists and medical students can buy dental tools ?
You can buy them from Hope this helps Good luck!

Really good cosmetic dentist in queens new york?
No discoloration happens to the gums when root canal is done- it is actually root canaled tooth that is discolored. All that your dentist has to ensure is that the subsequent porcelain crown is color matched with rest of your teeth.

Why did my scrotum get hard and thick all of a sudden?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Yes you will have hard balls for the rest of your life!!! Just messing. What a question to ask. It won't stay like that probably just a reaction to a substance perhaps alcohol in the cologne. Well needless to say you will opt for bathing and not do that again the next...