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Popular Q&A

I'm not yet having luck getting any really beautiful girls phone numbers, please help me with my approach?
You can get beautiful girl's phone numbers by being flirtatious and charming.

Personal Statement - Dentistry?
OK. Here goes: I have always been fascinated with Dentistry. Since such time when I was a kid, I already have questions in my mind about the human dental system. In my childish understanding, I have wondered why the human tooth which is so hard and bony could fall prey to so many rottenness...

Should I trust the dentists in Jamaica
Jamaican dentists are among the best in the world. Tangerine Dental Care on Tangerine Place in Kingston is my preferred place!

Dentists gloves turn yellow?
Funny is right. I give local anesthesia in the dentist office, and even the gel they give you to numb the tissue before the shot can discolor the gloves. When you do fillings you are messing with all sorts of materials and solutions. They can turn the glove brown.

My granddaughter going to dentist for the first time?
When I was a child, my mom brought me into the dentist just to meet him and the dental assistants, get acquainted with the office, and ask questions about the instruments. I don't remember the pre-visit, but I do remember always associating the dentist with positive things, and I credit that...