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Popular Q&A

Study in the UK. Requirements and Ucas points?
First of all, I wouldn't think too much about the UCAS points. They used to be common as a way of converting different school leaving exams into points format (where, using English A levels, A = 120, B = 100, and so on, see - note that most UK students...

Job application form asks for 4 referees who I've known for atleast 5 years but I don't have anyone?
Doctor, dentist, neighbours.......are these referee's meant to be from you last 4 jobs?? If you havent had 4 jobs, just tell them. Or miss that part out, and put a post-it-noter over it saying you have none but to call you should they need charachter references. Good luck

Low cost/free dental care central florida?
Go to a dental college or dental hygiene college. They are open to the public and cost less. Search for dental colleges or dental hygiene programs by state then go to the school's website and call.

Dentistry in India - Dentists Delhi - New Delhi Area?
I have been concerned about this problem before,today you are in luck.I remember when I found the answer in www?scane?net , I hope you can find.

What cartoons and TV shows did you used to watch when you were young?
Jem, Smurfs, He Man and the Masters of the Universe, Captain Caveman, Roadrunner,... Hey, are you a 70s or 80s baby in Malaysia? You may love this:- FW: 70s n 80s babies!!! Especially for us borned and raised in Malaysia (esp. fond of the memory of the Milo truck coming to school once in a...