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Popular Q&A

No dental insurance - need a dentist with financial planning?
Best method is to call and ask dentists if they will work out a payment plan with you for an emergency.

Does anyone know of a good, caring dentist in Northern Virginia who accepts Aetna DMO insurance?
I sure do. I grew up there. And we had Aetna dental insurance. Bechtold, Walter DDS (703) 255-2233 135 Center St S Vienna, VA 22180 He's awesome.

Birth control? cumming inside? hpv? bleeding??
I have done a TON of research on HPV. I have seen several HPV specialists too and I feel that I should pass on what I've learned so far to keep everyone better informed. I will talk more specifically about the high risk strain which is what I have... HPV can be passed through oral, anal,...

Atheists! Do you think?
Ask these Men Some modern scientists who have accepted the biblical account of creation Dr. William Arion, Biochemistry, Chemistry Dr. Paul Ackerman, Psychologist Dr. E. Theo Agard, Medical Physics Dr. Steve Austin, Geologist Dr. S.E. Aw, Biochemist Dr. Thomas Barnes, Physicist Dr. Geoff Barnard...

Cheap cosmectic dentist wanted?
First of all do not put the words cheap and cosmetic and dentist in the same sentence. You are asking for trouble, many cheap dental procedures can lead to health problems later on. If you do not have insurance coverage, look for a dentist that will work out a payment schedule with you, or...