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Popular Q&A

WELLCARE/PeachCare For Kids:?
Yes, PeachCare for kids is welfare from the state. You must be poor to qualify. However, you are not poor enough to get it for free like some people do. The doctors don't like it because it pays them pennies on the dollar. Many doctors won't even accept it or they'll limit the number of people...

Please suggest a PhD topics in Dentistry related to India?
Doctoral Program in Philosophy -Community Doctoral Program in Philosophy -Conservative Dentistry Doctoral Program in Philosophy -Oral and Maxillofacial surgery Doctoral Program in Philosophy -Oral Biology Doctoral Program in Philosophy -Oral medicine and Radiology Doctoral Program in Philosophy...

Looking for a new competent dentist for myself and my daughters 17 and 12. I need some cosmetic dentistry and?
One way to find a good dentist is to speak to other parents at your children's school, or at your work or maybe a neighbor. That way you can choose to ask people who have similar tastes as you do. A bad dentist is the worst! Good luck!

Can i use my medical redemption card to get a free eye test and dentist check up?
i think you mean exemption certificate the answer is no, sorry . you can only use it for the medication the gp gives you and the hospital. you need to get a hc2 form from the gp or dentist, to claim for help with health costs. depends on how much benefit you receive .

What is the movie chesterfields about?
Blockbuster: Buy or Rent Online A man is drawn deep into a mystery when he meets the beautiful daughter of a crime boss. She presents him with a tooth with a "6" etched into it, and he gradually unravels a twisted world of demented dentists, lost love affairs, and a woman who has been dead...