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Popular Q&A

Extreme dental anxiety.. do I need laughing gas, laser dentistry, AND IV sedation?
No, all of these together would be overkill. If you are truly that frightened, then an IV sedation will likely be the least stressful for you. However, relax for the moment. Unless you are in pain that needs immediate treatment, your first appointment will only be a complete exam and x-rays...

What is best? Hotel marketing or a career in dentistry?
If you like the idea of being a dentist go for it. People will always need a dentist. Marketing involves sales and a lot of decision making that can be stressful. Medical work would be interesting and stable and well paid. You need to have good marks in maths and science so if you excel in...

Where is a better place to raise a family?
South Beach. I think maybe the Coral Gables will be good too. I mean if it's a nice place, you don't want them hanging around the bad influence kids, if you know what I mean. It's like my neighborhood, it's pretty crappy, and lots of people will do anything to get into the crowd. It sounds...

I am a dentist, how can I evaluate my certification in Australia ?
Those are probably really two separate questions given that you have an Australian partner. Once you have lived together for 12 months, you can apply for a partner visa with him as your sponsor. If granted, your partner visa will be temporary for 2 years and then becomes permanent if the relationship...

As someone who who had used NHS, I seen no real problems, why do some Americans keep ostracizing it?
Vinny is a liar who repeats the lie that Canadians flock to my country for health care. In fact, it is quite the opposite. While living in Biloxi, a Canadian friend flew home for surgery rather than use the pathetic excuse called Blue Cross/Blue Shield here. She's doing great. And Valerie is...