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Popular Q&A

Teeth whitening stand in the maine mall in portland maine?
I agree, I would not have that done at a mall... There are several reputable companies online that have proven results. Also they typically give out free samples or a reduced rate for your first time using it. I recently used one and had fantastic results. Even my dentist was surprised when...

ya as safe as bleaching ur hair/skin wid lasers and additional hypersensitivity as benefits!!!

Tooth975 please help?
The IAO is an international organization. If there are no members near you then I am unable to help.The only dentist I know in your part of the ocean is Dr. William Clark in Scotland (Glasgow, I believe). He invented the Twin Block appliance that is in widespread use in the USA by dentists...

Who is a great dentist in Anaheim hills? I am looking for one who is great with dental phobia?
Ivar Vasco, DDS 5779 E. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92807 Phone: 714.779.7700 Hours: Mon - Thur 8:30-5:30 One Sat. a month by appt. Dr Vasco developed a reputation for being gentle, compassionate, and professional- committed to providing the highest of care with respect for each patient's individual...

What are the consequences of moving from greater vancouver to niagara ontario?
Ontario summers are hot and very humid due to the proximity of the Great Lakes. Winters can be very snowy due to Lake Effect storms and squalls. In terms of crime, you're better off here than out there. Canada's national crime rate is its lowest since 1973, but despite that: "Among the provinces...