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Popular Q&A

Everyone help please.............?
It is not too late to apply for aid for college. The FAFSA application that you would need to fill out actually just opened up on January 1st so there is plenty of time. I would just tell your counselor the truth and explain that you want to graduate early so you can begin college sooner because...

I need to get my wisdom teeth out and was hoping some one can help tell me a good place to go to?
Call a few dentists in the Yellow pages. They are online too. Very few will take a new patient sorry. Expect a medical or a good health assessment before anything can be done.

Best General Dentist around Irvine?
I'm not too sure if they take your insurance, but I always go to Dr. David Son. His office is right off of Santa Ana Highway and he does an AMAZING job. It is a bit expensive, but if he takes your insurance, you won't have to pay a penny. Goodluck. :]

River Place Towers Apartments, Lowell MA?
My dentist office is in that building and I attended Lowell high school which is across the street so I know the neighborhood very well. That apartment complex is centrally located to the downtown area, Tsongas Arena, Lalacheur Ballpark, UMASS Lowell, and the Lowell Auditorium so you can walk...

Becoming a Dentist vs. Dental Hygienist Give me your 2 cents.?
That depends on you. The difference between the education time is also the difference between opportunity cost. Depending on the program you join, you can become a hygienist in a year or two. You don't have to worry about being in charge of anything and you make good money, but there is a cap...