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Popular Q&A

Does any body know of any Universities that offer an accelerated dentistry program?
Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH New York University - New York, NY Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery University of California - Los Angeles University...

I live near Watauga, Texas. Can anyone recommend a dentist they love? Please say why you like him/her.?
I can't recommend a particular dentist as I don't live in your area, but I can recommend sedation dentistry as the way to go for us "scaredy cats". I found the following links you might like to check out on sedation dentists in your area, I don't know which ones are close to where you live...

Have you ever gotten any dental work in Mexico?
I had a few months ago in los algodones. I found this very good dentist and he was recommended by friends. We all got dental work and it was way better than the one i had in the US. This is his website

Where are the Free Dental Colleges??? someone? anyone?
Come to Charleston, SC for your next vacation. MUSC (Medical University of SC) has a dental school that's first class. If you just want to get some pulled, there are two denture clinics down here that will pull individual teeth for cheap.

Respectable job for a 16 year old?
my cousin worked part time at a bank doing checks.... you could try receptionist at a dr office, dentist, court house you could try retail---like macy's, belk, sears you could try being an assistant I did some tutoring for an elementary school and a private school when i was 16.... at your...