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Popular Q&A

Is there a dentistry course in far eastern university manila?
Manila is the capital of the Philippines. The public university - University of the Philippines offer Dentistry courses as do several private universities including University of the East, Centro Escolar University (possibly teaching in Spanish) and National University. These establishments...

Teeth Implants in UK (ADP Dentist)?
the cost really is dependant upon the number of implants placed and the type of restoration you want afterwards. either a fixed restoration with crowns/bridges (more expensive) or a dentures whch are fixed with implants this can be consideably cheaper. Also we would need to take into the consideration...

I need a Dentist in around Northern Indiana with a sliding fee schedule.?
Go to yahoo and type in " dental programs list by state" and see what comes up. lists dental colleges/programs by state and then you can call one (they also give the phone number) and find out if they accept new patients. Also you can search for "health centers" in your state...

Teeth whitening?
Crest whitening strips work for most people. Or wash your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. That's the thing they put into toothpastes. Or for a simpler remedy, use toothpastes with whitening labels. I haven't heard of many home remedies. The only ones I know are brushing with lemon juice, baking...

I'm going to the dentisti tomorrow...?
well if your teeth aren't that bad, then you shouldn't have to have braces for very long or if they are on the bottom only, then no one will notice them. there is also a new thing called invisalign, which is like a clear retainer that goes on the front of your teeth. you should ask your dentist...