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Popular Q&A

Can a cosmetic dentist change the length of my teeth?
Yes, a qualified cosmetic dentist can lengthen your teeth. Even braces are capable of extruding teeth. Go in for a consultation to an orthodontist and ask about the length of your teeth. The orthodontist may suggest a combination of braces and veneers or crown lengthening. Experienced orthodontists...

Baby and doctors question ?
You and your baby can be registered at any GP in your area, as long as: (a) You live in their defined catchment area (b) Their list is not "full" or "closed" (rare but it happens) If you want more information, your local PCT (Primary Care Trust) website should give you contact details of someone...

Any suggestions for a GOOD dentist who is HONEST in the lower Bucks County (PA) area? My current (see below)?
Go to and search "dentist" in a city in PA near you. Here's a link to a search I did in Philadelphia:

URMC School of Medicine and Dentistry –ADA accreditation=?
This is because URMC does not have a pre-doctoral dental program to accredit. What it has are several post-doctoral dental programs which are all ADA accredited. These are listed apart from the list of ADA accredited dental education programs (DDS/DMD). You will find them listed on the ADA...

I need a low cost dentist for tooth extraction?
Maybe this site can help you. I signed up online over 5 years ago and they have saved me thousands of dollars since on all dental services. From root canals, fillings, Xrays, exams, extractions...etc. My very affordable plan was active in 2 hours and was...