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Popular Q&A

Can anyone reccomend me a dentist from Mexicali, Mexico?
Go to a dental training school or a government clinic, they can help you for cheaper

Have you had a crown put in (dentist procedure)?
A crown is the restoration of choice when you have a fractured tooth because it will strengthen the tooth. Be aware that some dentists use two kinds of crowns - all porcelain (no metal) and porcelain fused to metal (aka PFM). PFMs are much stronger than all porcelain crowns and are recommended...

I am a dentist by proffession i want to know the universities offering masters in public health in new zealand?
You can take a Masters in Public Health in Dunedin (Otago University), Wellington (Otago School of Medicine at Wellington), Auckland (Auckland University or AUT), or Palmerston North (Massey University - you can also take the Massey course in Wellington or Auckland.) I'm sorry, I can't answer...

Is there a a home remedy that I can use for a dry socket, and how long will this last?
No and it wont go away on its own. you need to ask your dentist for a dressing like alvogyl. Also some antibiotics. poor you, nasty thing to get. hope you feel better soon.

What is the best dentistry I can go to in Denver, CO? For an extraction?
Hey.. The best dentistries in Denver, CO are defenetly "1350 Clarkson St, Denver, CO {Kids in Need of Dentistry / phone: (303) 318-0658}" and "999 18th St, Denver, CO {Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado / phone: (303) 298-1414}".. As long as you don't go to a Monarch dental! I went to Monarch for...