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Popular Q&A

Jaw keeps clicking and locking?
Sounds like TMJ. Go back and enquirer about it. Mine regular locks up and clicks all the time. I only found out what it was when I went to my dentist 4 days ago and she mentioned that I need to make a new appointment to help it. The longer you leave it you may have to have surgery later in...

What is the cost of root canal on karachi, pakistan?
Hello Zoya, I do not think that without examining your dental condition you will be able to get a true estimate since the treatment varies from patient to patient and dentist to dentist. Here are a few dentists from Karachi, consult them for a good opinion. http://www...

If evolution is true, why aren't apes, today, gradually evolving into humans?
Evolution isn't true. When a mother and father give birth to an offspring that is NOT capable of mating with its siblings, THAT is "speciation," unfortunately for evolutionists, it never occurs: Further unfortunately for evolutionists, "speciation...

Explain me,a small business enterprises,how can they increase their sales?
Long Tail marketing is the future of small business. Listen to this interview with Chris Anderson. also here you can raed the story of some local biz people. In particular the story of a dentist http://case-studies...

I desperately need a dentist, but I have no insurance - North Las Vegas?
If you're close to the University of Nevada (link to the dental school is below), then contact them to be a patient to their dental students. It's very inexpensive, but time they're just learning and have to have each step of the procedures evaluated by an instructor. Or call...